whats the best way of getting rid of whiteheads?

Question by JORGE: whats the best way of getting rid of whiteheads?
hi im not going to go buy stuff from outside but i need a fast way of getting rid of whiteheads from home. The only products i have are my moms…they are a pomegranate apricot seed face scrub and some suki skin care products which come with a cleanser and a cream and a toner and stuff. If not 1 of these..then wahts the best way of getting rid of whiteheads from stuff at home

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Answer by samii
pop em idk. i don’t get them.

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4 thoughts on “whats the best way of getting rid of whiteheads?

  1. Put toothpaste on them! I find that if I pop it, then put toothpaste on it immediatly then it goes away faster! I know people say don’t pop them, but who can resist? Just make sure you wash your hands before and after!

  2. you can pop them and use a facial mask i find that toothpaste will some times burn the skin thats why it leaves marks. I use a mudd facial mask by mary kay great great great

  3. With what you have, I would say to use the cleanser, the toner, and the cream twice daily; morning and night. Use the scrub instead of the cleanser two to three times a week or use a washrag with the cleanser.

    Some other tips:
    Use a warm compress on your face before the cleanser.
    Ice your face for about two minutes after the cleanser. Use the ice especially on the actual whiteheads. These two steps will help you open the pores to clean them out and then close them again.

    DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SKIN! It can cause severe infections and scars. In fact, unless you’re cleansing, you shouldn’t really even be touching your face.

    Try changing shampoos and conditioners, too. A lot of them have comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredients.

    Be sure to use a clean washrag each time you wash your face.

    Do not use fabric softeners or detergents with perfumes especially on your pillowcase, as both are pore clogging.

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