What happens to face creams when they’re taken on a flight?

Question by Scubachick76: What happens to face creams when they’re taken on a flight?
I use an Elizabeth Arden face cream on my skin. And i noticed that after i took it with me on a flight, it seems the cream has separated from the oil. Its not a smooth consistentancy anymore. I’ve still been using it, not knowing if it still works or not. Anyone have any idea if i just wasted my $ $ and need a new one?

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Answer by cakebaker
The pressure on the flight probably just caused the cream to separate by mass, just like you said the oil or water separated from the cream. If that is all that happened, you just need to open up the bottle and stir it. It should go back to normal.

The problem is if it separated and then some leaked out of the bottle. If some of the oil or water leaked, then the cream will be heavier than usual. Or, if another product in the same bag leaked, make sure it did not get into your face cream.

Nothing about the cream should have changed under pressure so there is not a problem with using it. I always bring my face wash and creams on airplanes and do not have any problems.

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