What are good natural ways to get rid of bad acne?

Question by Whitney: What are good natural ways to get rid of bad acne?
I have bad acne and have used pretty much every acne medicine possible (Proactiv, Neutrogina, Clearisil etc.) and none of it has really worked. I’m already exercising, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and I have cut down on my smoking. What are other good natural ways to get rid of acne?

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Answer by poison_angel32
green tea extract capsules, they helped me.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are having so many problems getting your skin to clear up. I know what it’s like to have acne problems! For me, exercise and water cleared it up. :-(

    I hear that putting cooled chamomile tea bags on your skin for 5-10 minutes a day helps reduce redness and calm down acne.

  2. I didn’t have bad acne until I was a Sr in high school and after that year it cleared up then 6 years later it came back. My dermatoligist says it’s because of stress, so you need to make sure you give yourself time to relax during the day and not stress so much. I have tried everything also (Proactive, Neutrogena, Clearasil, and Clean and Clear). Here lately my skin looks really good. I’ll break down how I keep up my skin.

    Wash with Neutrogena cleanser
    Wash with regular Dial Antibacterial Soap
    Neutrogena Pore reducing Toner
    Spot Treatment
    Moisturizer (when needed)

    Make-Up remover
    Neutrogena Cleanser
    Dail Soap
    Clearasil Cleansing Pad
    Neutrogena Over night spot treatment

    Don’t over wash your face or let it dry out too much, sometimes those pimples are from dry skin that has clogged the pores.I try to exfoliate only once or twice a week at night bc it will make your face red in the morning so don’t do it in the morning. If I have a pimple I just put a spot mask on it overnight & restart my routine in the morning. This is kind of strenuous, but it keeps my acne prone skin toned down! Hope this helps!

  3. I tried Proactive and it totally messed up my face REALLY bad because it irritated my skin. I learned that you need to be gentle with you face and don’t over wash it.

    I currently use a milk cleanser, toner and mosturizer from avalon organics. They are all natural with no parabens or skin irritants in them. I use that everynight and morning, I also use “pomada de azufre” right before i go to bed. It works really well to get rid of pimples, it’s 10% sulfur, but its all natural. You can find it at drug stores and it looks like this

    i have to warn you though it smells, so use it at night, you don’t want to be stinknig through out the day lol.

    Also, i use a gentle almond honey scrub from “Be Fine” it’s all natural too and the scrub is made from sugar which is an anti-inflammatory. you should use this once or twice a week depending on your skin type. If it’s realy irritated-itchy, painful, red, etc. you should be extra extra gentle with your skin. more irritation leads to more bacteria and more pimples!!!

    I use this routine and i went from hideous really bad pimple face to glowing skin within 1-2 months . I use bare mineral make up too because i do have scars, but i use this vitamin E and C lotion that my dad gave me and the scars are disapperaing fast!!! The avalon organics also helps with the scars.

    oh yea, and once the acne goes away and you have scars left you should glycolic acid to help it fade away and definitely use the gentle scrub from Be fine.

    hope this helps!!!

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