Treating Acne Scarring Naturally!

Treating Acne Scarring Naturally!

I lastly got this video up! Yay!:) Trials and Suffering Pimples Video: Fashion Blog site: My Other Network: Twitter: Tumblr: (ask me anything!) Horror Blog site: \* This is not a recruited video.

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24 thoughts on “Treating Acne Scarring Naturally!

  1. Hey there, have you tried ? On their website you will find a great free video featuring the best way to wipe out acne quickly. It made it easier for Kevin to have beautiful clean pores and skin in 4-8 weeks. Perhaps it will help you out also.

  2. hey i have an acne scar in-between my eyes its big and pink. i need to get rid of this bcuz girls dont like face scars, i’ve even been thinking about putting on makeup on to cover it!
    please reply anybody!!!!

  3. I get redness an scaring even if I don’t pick at my acne. When my acne leaves it always leaves a mark! >:( ill be trying this out for sure! :)

  4. Hello there! thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about acne remedy known as Acnezilax Secrets (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried Acnezilax Secrets? I have heard some extraordinary things about it and my sister finally break free from her acne, using it, but she refuses to tell me :(

  5. *Never* expose the skin to sunlight after applying citric acid. It causes “phytodermatitis”…and it is completely terrifying.

  6. Lemon juice works for acne as well, except that you need to cut it with water a bit. To really get soft acne free skin, use fresh tomato juice (from actual tomato). Works great for acne prone people with oily skin.

  7. Great tips, thanks for sharing! A good option for natural acne treatments would be to use products with natural ingredients. The BRTC blemish line used things like tea tree oil to help treat, prevent, and cover acne.

  8. guys lemon juice does work but do not use ice on your face ! its too harsh, it can break your capillary. what i do is just to grab a q-tip ,soak it in lemon juice and spot treat, this way prevents unnecessary dryness to areas that do not have acne. :)

  9. wow thanks for this video :) I hope it helps for me :) You look really cute btw and I couldn´t see your scarves! Best :)

  10. I love lemon juice! works great on my skin too, I also use a sugar and lemon juice scrub and it feels amazing after. Lemon juice also is good for blackheads, what also works too, is a baking-soda mask which I do once a wk and a toner of witch hazel…I just subbed and I love your eyes!

  11. It shouldn’t matter how small the area is, it should help. Because the ingredients are all natural it’ll be fine if you did this all over your face it’s just quicker to concentrate it around the area scarred with acne.

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