Tamahra's Secret Extraction Expert cleans out whiteheads

Tamahra's Secret Extraction Expert cleans out whiteheads
Follow us on twitter @TSecretSkin & join our fan page on Facebook. Go to www.youtube.com for updated video We are extraction experts. When bumps underneath the skin (whiteheads, cysts) become inflamed and infected, you have acne. We clean out the blackheads, whiteheads & cysts that become visible acne. You need to clean out the pores to have clear skin. You have to change your diet to prevent new outbreaks. The natural anti-bacterial ingredients in our products help heal and soothe inflamed skin. We like to jump-start our clients by providing instant gratification with extensive extractions: We clean out every pore and give you smooth skin in one or two visits. Start your journey with a Tamahra’s Secret facial and you will have no blackheads, whiteheads or cysts. Then it’s up to you to keep up the good work with the Tamahra’s Secret product line, and good nutrition. They go hand-in-hand. Next time your skin care specialist says they do extractions, show them this video, or better yet, before your next film shoot, come have your pores cleaned out. Have smooth skin at last. www.tsecret.com

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