Skin/Face Routine

This is my skin care routine. I’m always looking for the best skin care products and skin care tips and I wanted to share with you. I have acne prone skin so…

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17 thoughts on “Skin/Face Routine

  1. the st. ives blemish control is THE only thing i use on my skin & i’ve been using it religiously for years, it keeps my skin soft & even toned. i exfoliate with that then apply a moisturizing lotion to keep my face from being dry & that is my skincare combo. :)

  2. Helpp!
    They jacked up my eyebrows and I need them to grow back asap ! They were perfect thickness before and now they’re super thin. Where can I get a hold of Rapid Lash serum?

  3. you’re absolutely gorgeous! she look like a mix of andreas choice and nicki minaj (if she was classy and more pretty). i just got some tea tree oil from trader joes. i just used it for the first time and my skin feels great. it sort of tingles. thanks so much!!

  4. Lol omg you shouldn’t be using the rapid lash because the medication used in it causes blindness because it’s used to treat glaucoma. Don’t be stupid – I know this because I am a registered nurse

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