Scar Treatment (Home Remedies) How to remove acne scars

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15 thoughts on “Scar Treatment (Home Remedies) How to remove acne scars

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  3. unfortunately I don’t. I’m still searching for some products or remedy that can heal my acne scars but right now I’m letting them heal on their own.

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  5. I’ve tried the lemon and potatoes but It didn’t work for my skin. I used it for like one week but nothing happened..:((

  6. I have been on this from W-PHARMACY.INFO for 3 months now and have noticed a massive improvement of my acne. The acne on my back is practically non existent and the amount on my face has dramatically improved. I got lots of comments today saying how face has cleared up since I last saw these people 2 weeks ago. I now have much less acne on my face and it expected to all be gone in 3 more months forever. I am currently on 60mg a day one at morning and 2 at night and I am a 17 year old female.

  7. This is so working just use it everday i was having so much acne and i stared using a lemon everyday on my face and after 2 weeks my friends told me that its starting to go because the lemon kill the bacteria and acne come from the fat foods and bacteria so try it and dont ever leave the lemon and don’t anything with the lemon

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