Q&A: How to get rid of little under the skin bumps?

Question by Vanessa: How to get rid of little under the skin bumps?
I have a whole bunch of these little bumps on the inner part of my eyes and below my lip and there pretty noticeable and i wash my face everyday and use astringent. I tried using astringent the areas to see if they would dry them up but nothing happened. So do you know any products or treatments to make them go away.

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Answer by SoyDulce
Are they white?

If they are, it’s called Milia. A lot of people have it, including me.
They’re just oil glands that basically got trapped.

What you need to do is exfoliate every day. And if you use a moisturized, make sure its a light one, not an oily one. I hope this helps :)

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