Q&A: How much would it be for me to go to a dermatologist?

Question by complicatedtallblonde: How much would it be for me to go to a dermatologist?
I have milia on my face and extremely dry skin. I’m wanting to visit a dermatologist and try and get my milia removed (they are just white bumps on the skin not white heads) how much would it be for me to just have a consultation?

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Answer by atarigirl21
depends on the dermatalogist and where. Google dermatologists in your zip code then start calling to see how much an initial consultation is if you don’t have insurance.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: How much would it be for me to go to a dermatologist?

  1. aesteticians can remove I believe with laser… places that offer beautification processes offer FREE consulatations. If you go to a derm it is an office visit I assume, which varies.

  2. It really depends on a couple of things. If you have insurance, you should first check and see if an appointment will be covered. You may need a referral from your primary care physician. If not, different doctors charge different prices, especially if you’re paying out of pocket. Derms are usually VERY expensive. There may be a larger price tag for your first appointment, and different prices for your follow ups. And last, what you pay will depend on the treatment the dermatologist prescribes for you. Any procedure done in the office (like using lasers, or peels) will cost more than a prescription. However, a prescription, like differin for example, will still run you around $ 150. Find a good doctor, and they may start you off with some samples!

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