Q&A: how do i get rid of pimples under my eyes?

Question by Bobby: how do i get rid of pimples under my eyes?
i have little pores under my eyes how do i get rid of them?

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Answer by Jone L

hope it works to u

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One thought on “Q&A: how do i get rid of pimples under my eyes?

  1. they sound to me like white heads? they will go away on there own, however u can buy stuff to help them. If ur young do not use eye creams!!These just block the pores and make the whiteheads worse, eye creams are only for older people. Exfoliating gently under the eye area will help shift the dirt, also use moisturizer sparingly! Be careful of using medicated spot fighting treatment under the eye area, as it is very delicate there and can sting. You can purchase “pore minimizing” lotions and potions from Clinique. They are a bit pricey but excellent! I highly recommend using these products on your eyes, and see if it helps! Good luck.x

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