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I leased a home for Selena and I, leaving my residence to Demi. She deserved it for being so understanding, plus it would not be extremely gentleman like to kick a lady from a residence. I ensured Selena stayed on best rest, not letting her go back to work until she ran out damages method. Her stomach was becoming fuller, more formed, as the days passed. She had a radiance about her that made her even more gorgeous. My days at work were anxious, the want to delegate see my Gomez. A smile immediately plastered on my face as I pull into our driveway, for I understand that my Gomez is in the other side. “Infant ?!” I called excitedly as I raced up the stairs. She didn’t react however, she normally reacts. A knot formed in my stomach as I walked down the hallway. Exactly what if something was wrong with her? My fingertips pushed against the white, wooden door, pushing softly to inch the door open. And there she was, lying in harmony between the white, down comforter. Her eyes shut, her lips plump, her bangs touselled in her face. I lightly walked over, making fun of myself for stressing myself for no reason. I leaned onto the mattress, gradually putting my tummy onto it as I made certain I didn’t shake the bed too much. My fingertips foraged her forehead, pushing her bangs back to reveal her charm. My Gomez. I smiled as I viewed her sleep. She was lovely in every aspect. The maternity had actually made her fuller, her cheeks were rounder and her body thicker. From time to time she had actually scrunch up her nose and bare a
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20 thoughts on “-Oceans; |35

  1. you know, i’ve always loved joe, the most [no offence to nick or kevin, i do love them :D ] but since reading your stories, i’ve fallen so deep for nick <3
    “maybe i really am gonna be a poppa” ahh, you are such a brilliant writer :)

  2. who just fell in more in love with the curly haired kid?

    Me: *raises up a million hands*

    That baby better be NICK’S!

  3. Aw, Nick.
    So cute!!!
    I really hope he’s the father.
    Curse you for being such a good writer.
    Kidding,! I take it back! ;D

  4. I think I fell more in love with Nick
    haha he is so cute in this one

    It better be a baby Jonas!

    loved it but you already know that..8]

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