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Milia Seeds Removal  NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

See our blog to learn causes and treatments for swelling & dark circles: bit. ly Get 10 % off with discount code: youtube10 Making use of an eye cream appropriately is vital to seeing outcomes. Comprehend exactly what it is you desire to accomplish: 1. Reduction Swelling 2. Reduction dark Circles 3. Hydrate 4. Anti-Aging There will be a product that focus on any combination of those. Keeping in mind to be gentle and lightly tap around the eyebone. Any more detailed in and you risk getting inflammation. Richer creams could clog the delicate pores, triggering little white bumps called milia. For more ideas on eye take care of billowy eyes, go to the blog at blog site. spaboutique. ca.

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17 thoughts on “Milia Seeds Removal- NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

  1. There are all different types of eye creams – some are made to correct dark circles and puffiness. You apply the appropriate eye cream around the contour of the eye.

  2. Hi! I really really need answer! I’m 18 and since I was about 16 I’ve had really bad and marced undereye circles, and I exercise, eat healthy, sleep enough blablabla. But what I now realize is that I started using creams about that age, so MAYBE it’s the application or products faulth! And heres my question: At day, I use a SPF cream on all the eye area, is this wrong? Because the zinc (sunprotection) has to be just where the sun hits the skin to reflect it`!? Hope for answer! :)

  3. You’ll want to use something lighter (like a serum or gel). Eye creams are heavier and usually meant for more mature skin. You want preventative, not corrective. Using something made for more mature skin usually just causes an adverse reaction such as milia. You’ll first have to identify the cause of the dark circles before picking a product as it can have different causes.

  4. Thank you, I went back to the counter turns out i was using an eyecream meant for mature skin, ppl in their 50’s.

  5. Dark circles are really difficult to treat. It entirely depends on the cause of them. When you’re young (as in your 20s) it’s best not to use products designed for more mature skin. The reason is exactly what you are experiencing, they are too rich and can cause milia and even increased puffiness. Go for products meant for younger skin that will protect and prevent. Corrective ones will only cause issues. Look for gels or serums as opposed to creams.

  6. Hi I”m 23, and I”m looking for a good eyecream to treat dark circles and also anti-aging. I just bought the benefiance from shisheido and it’s too rich for my eyes because is started to notice melon seeds underneath it. What products do you recommend?

  7. Eye creams should only ever be applied along the eyebone, not any further up unless specified by the product.. The skin is very thin and delicate and the product is absorbed up into that area anyway. Applying it too high up can cause irritation or milia, the little white bumps some experience in that area. If the cream is too heavy, it can actually worsen puffiness if applied too high up.
    I hope that helps!

  8. OK thanks, I need a milia-removal. You think any of these home-remedies would work: baking soda, egg mask, lemon, honey or aspirin mask?

  9. Hi there. Those are called milia. They need to be either removed by an esthetician during a facial or by a dermatologist. They can be difficult to get out from under the skin and if not done properly can cause scarring. They can be hereditary , caused by trauma or by using creams that are too rich for that area. I hope that helps!

  10. With undereye circles it can be difficult. If they are hereditary (if they are there all the time) then your best bet is a concealer. There is very little products can do for extreme dark circles. If they do fluctuate with lifestyle, then look for things that contain ingredients like Vitamin K or arbutin. The MD Skincare Lift and Lighten is a great one. The Guinot Eye Mask is also a great product.

  11. Your best bet is to go with a gel based one that hydrates. You don’t want a rich cream or anything too heavy. It could cause puffiness. The lines are dehydration.
    Only use the size of half a grain of rice for each eye and don’t apply it any further in than the eye bone. Thank you!

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