Lux Radio Theater: A Man to Remember (December 4, 1939)

Lux Radio Theater: A Man to Remember (December 4, 1939)

Though the tv program concentrated on movie and its entertainers, a number of traditional radio regulars appeared in Lux Radio Movie theater productions. Jim and Marian Jordan, much better referred to as Fibber McGee and Molly, appeared on the program two times and likewise built an episode of their very own radio funny series around among those looks. Their long time costar, Arthur Q. Bryan (wisecracking Doc Gamble on Fibber McGee and Molly), made a few Lux looks as well. Bandleader Phil Harris, a longtime regular on Jack Benny’s radio program and his spouse Alice Faye, who became radio stars with their very own comedy tv program in 1948, appeared in a Lux presentation. Fred Allen, Jack Benny (with and without his spouse, Mary Livingstone), George Burns and Gracie Allen were among the other radio stars who were invited to do Lux discussions also. Lux Radio Movie theater once presented an adaptation of the film variation of a radio series, The Life of Riley, including William Bendix as the Brooklyn-born, California-transplanted, stumbling but bighearted aircraft employee he already made famous in the long-running radio series (and ultimate tv hit) of the exact same name. At least as soon as Lux Radio Movie theater offered a discussion without any recognized entertainers; its adjustment of This Is the Army during The second world war included a cast of American soldiers. The Mercury Theatre on the Air– which ultimately made Orson Welles a force to be reckoned with, especially with his broadcast of The War of the Globes (30 October 1938) produced– was

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