Is there anything that gets rid of bad acne?

Question by Brandon: Is there anything that gets rid of bad acne?
Hi, I have acne and I have tried alot of things. I have tried medicines, creames, pills and more. I still have bad acne. I get alot of break outs too. Is there anything that gets rid of acne that actually works?

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Answer by Rbabe
I wish I knew too! I’ve tried everything from honey to tomato juice. But I really liked dyoxycline, which is an antibiotic, but they’re not too good to take. Def make an appt. with your dermatologist

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2 thoughts on “Is there anything that gets rid of bad acne?

  1. ya you probably know acne affects everyone and that we all are different but here are some tips. take a shower/ bath every day. dont itch/ touch yourself where your acne is. the oils will help cause the acne. try a few new facial cleaners and whenever you sweat wipe/ scrub your face. you can try face wipe cleansers for on the go. never pop a zit. if you have the money/ time try a facial even if you are a boy. yes that seems embarrassing but it really help exfoliate your skin. hope this helps:)

  2. Don’t touch your face, because our hands is the main reason spread bacteria and viruses. So try to wash our hand throughout the day.

    If possible, try to wash your face twice a day, which is very simple and easy to reduce your acne.

    Another way to improve your acne problem, try to do some regular exercise. It clear out your pores and dead skin cells. After sweating, remember to take shower which not only clean your skin, and also try to replenish moisture by applying moisturizer.

    Product with Benzoyl Peroxide definitely give your good results to clear away the acne. Benzoyl Peroxide kill the acne bacteria which cause your breakout.

    Salicylic Acid is also another product to get rid of dead skin, which clear your pores and blockages. But use it carefully on sensitives skin.

    Try to use makeup with oil-free or noncomedogenic label, it certainly help to reduce the chance of breakout.

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