Is it Cancer? Pet Lumps & Bumps – VetVid Episode 023

Find out more about lumps and bumps on your animal. In this video clip we fulfill with Dr. Mona Rosenberg who is board licensed in veterinary oncology. She’ll review the relevance of looking your pets lumps or bumps, screening and medical diagnosis, cancer & treatment. Pet care advice.
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5 In this tutorial, Chris Schach MD goes over the restorative method to this usual acneiform eruption frequently seen in women and children. Learn about other dermatological conditions by visting our website. Secret Details \* Usual skin problem usually impacting the skin surrounding the mouth and nose \* Exact cause is unidentified, may be related to microorganisms in follicles, irritants, or usage of certain topical medications \* Majority of afflicted persons are females and youngsters \* Include groupings of small red bumps which may be accompanied by itching or sensitiveness with a scaly red rash Perioral dermatitis is an usual skin condition which normally affects the skin surrounding the mouth (perioral) and the nose (perinasal). Sometimes, the rash will border examinations (periocular) The condition includes groupings of small, red bumps which may be accompanied by itching or tenderness. Skin in the affected area might be flaky, dry and pink in color. The location has the tendency to be sensitive and may hurt or burn with very little irritability. Sores generally happen around the mouth, and often include the skin around the nose too. Lesions might additionally spread out to the skin of the chin, cheeks and eyes. The specific source of perioral dermatitis is unknown. There are a number of elements which could be associated with its development, most likely a hormonal modification bring about a local overgrowth of the skin’s colonizing microorganisms. This condition resembles pimples in that it seems to
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29 thoughts on “Is it Cancer? Pet Lumps & Bumps – VetVid Episode 023

  1. My dog is 4 month old and had a small pimple on her belly … it looks like a human pimple… Is it something i should worry about?? it not many… only 1 smally pimple and a very tiny one… Please answeR! :D

  2. I have a 7 year old, mutt. I honestly don’t know what she is, but she has these pink growths on her skin. She has 2 large ones on her head and in between her arm and body, like the shoulder area. But she’s getting a lot more. On her paw, on her face, more on her legs. She is pretty fat, but I don’t know what’s wrong and I’m worried it could be something more than just pink growths. The one on her head looks like a brain and I think sometimes drains out fluid. What could it be? Please answer.

  3. Having a veterinarian FNA(aspirate with a needle) to look at the cells on a slide is the easiest prior to scheduling an anesthesia. Different lumps require different size incisions and cost. See Mast cell tumors video or google MCT in dogs.

  4. My chihuahua developed a small pimple last year. I took her to the vet for a regular checkup and the vet said they would have to give her anestesia remove it and send to a lab but he said it appeared to be harmless since she doesnt itch it. Fast forward to today and she has 4 more of those same bumps in different areas. I cant afford to get them evaluated until next month.Can anyone PLEASE help or give any suggestions if you have any experience or knowledge on the subject? I can send pics,

  5. My chihuahua developed a small pimple last year. I took her to the vet for a regular checkup and the vet said they would have to give her anestesia remove it and send to a lab but he said it appeared to be harmless since she doesnt itch it. Fast forward to today and she has 4 more of those same bumps in different areas. I cant afford to get them removed until next month. Can anyone PLEASE help or give any suggestions if you have any experience? I can email pics.

  6. I know that I am facing the fact that I am going to have to have her euthanized or something. I was wondering, is there any kind of pill that I could get from a vet to give her, so she can stay home and just go to sleep and not wake up?? I don’t want her to have to go through that too…going to a vet’s office and getting a shot, and having to go through all that emotions around strangers. Any suggestions appreciated.

  7. I have a 15 year old shih tzue that has a very large lump on her belly. It is the kind that hangs down when she walks. It has been there since someone gave her to me over 12 years ago. It appears to be fluid filled, not sure, but seems to be. She is blind and deaf. The last few days she has been having trouble keeping her balance and often falls over when trying to walk. She was eating for me up till today, and now she can’t even stand up and try to eat without falling over. Do you have any idea

  8. my 7 year old female golden retriever has two hard-ish lumps on her back. They have been there for a while (maybe over 10 months). Ocassionally, I notice that the bumps have some kind of reddish discharge that looks like blood. Today, I saw that and I tried squeezing the bump and some clear fluid came out. We are taking her to the vet but in the meanwhile I;m really worried for my dog. I love her like family. What could this be?

  9. My 10 YR Old Siberian Husky has developed 2 lumps under his right arm. They are soft lumps. I told my Vet. and he said unless he is acting in pain or acting sick, not eating or not playing, NOT TO WORRY. So I haven’t had it checked yet. My baby has never been sick a day in his life! I guess I’ll just keep a close eye on him. What do you guys think? Please send me a note. Thanks so much.

  10. I have a female cat named Ally who i found at my dads work, and so i have no idea how old she is or if she was fixed. But when i brought her home, she was a very hyper cat, loveing life any everything. She gets along very well with my 2 other dogs, and one night i let her sleep with us in my room on my chair. Well after that i notice she was limping. Now she’s still eating and drinking, but then i found a lump on her bottem back leg.

  11. 18 is old, however, if all else is healthy ( chest xray, cbc/chem/t4, and abdominal ultrasound) , surgery may be an option if quality of life is not good with the tumor.

  12. my cat has a tumour on her breast its cancer but the vet said she is too old to have surgery she is 18yrs,she is eating normal and not in pain ,but just now she started scratching it and its bleeding,i put bandage but she cant walk properly the vet said put her in a baby jumpsuit to stop her scratching it will that be ok please answer me back i am so worried thanks

  13. I have a female golden retriever 9 years old and I found two lumps under my dogs jaw one on each side about 3 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Took her to my vet today and he found 2 golf ball size tumors one on each hind leg behind her hock. So then he said he wondered if she had the tumors on the points of the shoulders and sure enought she did. He said he was almost sure she had lymphoma cancer. But without a biopsy he couldnt be 100 % sure. What do you think I should do?

  14. My dog has two lipomas on his chest, and he is in no pain, not even if you touch them. But I have no money to get him surgery–there’s no health insurance for dogs, on the slim chance that it could be cancer, or even if the surgery would help. But I still feel bad…it sucks, when you know you can’t do anything, and why upset your old buddy more when he isn’t even in pain? Damn.

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  17. After exhausting the conventional therapy route I went to a herbal doctor who made me a cream with calendula in it. This worked amazing for my PD and got rid of it (5 years ago). It returned recently and I tried to contact the same doctor but she had moved on. I panicked and got another one online which didn’t work. I then saw great reviews for ProSkin Eczema and it worked just like the cream I used 5 years ago. After a month my PD is gone and I still have half a pot left.

  18. My doctor wants to put me on Isotretinion after a year of antibiotics have not worked but the side effects are severe and you cannot drink alcohol for 4 – 6 months nitemare as I am 18. My perioral dermatitis is on my chin and alittle round my nostrils. would be interested in Nerium was that prescribed by your gp ?

  19. Hello. Do you still have the perioral dermatitis condition? I had it pretty bad all around my mouth. Tried so many things to get rid of it including bio oil and zinc. Then I was introduced to a product called Nerium. After 5 days the redness was gone. 15 days the leisions were totally dried up. 30 days completely gone. It never burned my face. In fact it was the most soothing thing I used. If you give me your email I will send you my before and after photos.

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