How to get rid of whiteheads using Baking soda

Using one part Sodium bicarbonate and one part water put on deal with for 20 mins to get rid of oil and bacteria on face.
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19 thoughts on “How to get rid of whiteheads using Baking soda

  1. @sqtccfg you are correct you’ve heard crazy things like ‘its ur genetics’ Between i am so happy now when i used the natural method and cured my acne withing 25 days. you can watch the method i used to remove my acne here >>>

  2. Hi, have you considered “Break Free Of Acne” (just search on Google …)? I have seen a number of striking details about it. As an example, Kevin achieved positive results utilizing it…

  3. I have the same issue with white heads and black heads. Hope to see an updated video if this helped you. I’m am so sick of it. I’m 31 and it started about 3 yrs ago. now I have scars ahhhhh sick of it already!!! really hope you have found something that helps you…goodluck

  4. Eating too much juice, soda, pastries, oil and sugar is a major contributing factor. Drinking more water than juice or soda is a good idea. Also making sure you have a good regular elimination each day is important.(By regular we mean at least 2-3 times a day)

  5. 1.wash face with warm water to open pores
    Use Hot water steam to open pores
    2.put the baking soda on your palm
    3.add a small amount of water
    4.mix with finger tips
    5.apply straight away to the FACE
    6. distribute around face “gently”
    -its gonna itch, its ok
    -try to hold a dry tissue so u could dry around ur eyes
    7.wait like 2-3 minutes
    8.wash away with warm water
    9.then again with cold water
    ur done
    from ur first try u will feel ur face really soft n smooooth
    u’ll thank me later ;) :) !

  6. BTW if u stir the baking soda until it stops reacting to water
    then ur doing it wrong, u should let the baking soda react to the water ON UR FACE, thats how it really cleans, its doing me wonders, now am just left with dealing with acne scars. I AM ACTUALLY IN A POST ACNE SITUATION, thanks to baking soda. yeah also not to forget, its gonna kinda itch a bit, so just go under a cold shower n u’ll be fine in a sec.
    also follow PartyPoisonV1’s steps before n after applying baking soda.

  7. hi there i am a big fan just had a question how many days a week should you apply baking soda on your face to clear acne?thanks

  8. “Make a baking soda paste like you have.

    Boil water then let it steam your face for 5 minutes to open up the pores.

    Apply the baking soda paste onto your face and rub it for about 2 or 1 minutes.

    Wash off with warm water

    Apply cold water to close pores.”


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