How to get rid of small pimples?

Question by Ginger Bells: How to get rid of small pimples?
I have alot of really small pimples and bumps on my face. You can’t really see it unless your close to me, but I really want smooth skin. Any suggestions. And how long would it take?

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Answer by Michael
Wash your face with soap. For me it worked over night

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One thought on “How to get rid of small pimples?

  1. They might be milia. If you’re using products that are too rich for your skin (e.g. anti-aging products when you’re young), or if you’re producing too much keratin, then you can get little white lumps that look a bit like pimples but aren’t. Switch to a more simple cleanser and moisturiser and get a gentle exfoliator (St Ives apricot scrub is good).

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