How to get rid of really bad acne on sensitive skin?

Question by Never ever Regret Anything: The best ways to eliminate really bad acne on delicate skin?
I have truly bad acne on my forehead, and I have REALLY delicate oily skin. Any item recommendations?

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Answer by daRkbRoWneYz
A site right below discussing why your pimples could have not gone away and they got a post about how to use honey to get rid of pimples

for honey to getrid of zits scroll all the method down the page and click article honey for moustrized skin

and for why they have not gone away scroll down page and click the article
30 day to adjust

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2 thoughts on “How to get rid of really bad acne on sensitive skin?

  1. make sure that you wash you’re faat nightce when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. I reccomend Clean & Clear brand, i use the foaming face wash in combination with another clean & clear cream to put on trouble spots. sometimes the face wash irritates my skin, so i just apply a face lotin to soote it. i do this once a day before going to bed. i have never had alot of trouble with acne, but i reccomed visiting their site, you can find what creams and scrubs are right for you’re skin type!
    hope this helps!

  2. just the same skin type nd problem i used to hve….ok i will give u some home remedies that actually worked for me within 15 days or less…..dnt use products coz it will irritate ur skin later nd never use the ones that works very fast (they r the worst)….just use a neutrogena face wash for acne or with salicylic acid.

    try to do these things evryday, make sure ur doing it properly coz they r the main things to avoid acne (trust me)-

    1. water. drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, trust me its very important nd its not optional at all…ur body needs a lot of water to get rid of toxins.

    2. sleep. get at least 8 hrs of sleep. while ur sleeping ur body heals ur self so try to get at leats 8 hrs of sleep each night.

    3. hygiene. very important!!! try to shower evry day to keep ur self clean nd if not then chnge evryday coz the dead cells stick to ur clothes.

    4. moisturize. moisturizing is very important. it hydrates ur skin. try to use a gel type moisturizer coz its the best for oily skin.

    5. cleanse nd exfoliate. u need to do them because u need to get rid of dead cells. they can cause acne breakouts so alway try to cleanse ur face twice with a gentle acne face wash nd exfoliate ur skin with a facial sponge or with an exfoliating scrub.

    home remedies (stick to them daily, dnt skip one day)-

    honey- it is a great moisturizer. it also helps to kill the bacterias. try using menuka honey. its fast nd really effective. mix 1 tablespoon of honey nd 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. apply nd keep it for 1 hr.

    oatmeal- cook 1 tablespoon of oatmeal (u can cook more if u want but to use for 7 days but i like to use fresh ones) nd mix it with 1 teaspoon of honey again nd 1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt. apply nd keep for 45 mins or until it dries.

    sandalwood (optional)- u can find it in indian shops. mix sandalwood nd rosewater nd make a paste. apply nd keep until it dries…its amazing for acne so try to use this.

    egg- at night time try to use n eggwhite mask. its very effective. mix lemon juice nd eggwhite nd apply then keep overnight.

    olive oil- massage ur face with extra virgin olive oil twice a day. it won’t clog ur pores at all nd its very very very good for the skin. i love this remedy.

    ice- it helps to close the pores on ur skin. try to rub ur face with ice before applying eggwhite.

    steam- u can do it once a week but i do it evryday for my acne nd because the dostor told me to do it for my cold problem. anyway, steaming helps to open pores nd the sweat that comes out helps to get rid of toxins. steam ur face while in shower nd wash it with face wash.

    those were the things i always do caz im always free. i dnt knw whether u’ll hve time to do those things but try at leats to honey, oatmeal, eggwhite nd ice thing.

    some other home remedies that u can do if u hve extra time r-

    tomatoes- rub tomatoes on ur face.

    aloe vera- juice or gel. both r effective. it helps to heal the skin.

    cucumber- rub cucumber on ur face.

    papaya- rub papaya on ur face.

    egg yolk- its a natural moisturizer. apply nd keep until it dries.

    aspirin mask- it might irritate ur skin. but it works for me. i think u should try it once nd in a small area to see if it works. do it once a week. no more than that coz u hve sensitive skin!!

    essential oils- very effective ones r rosehip seed oil, lavender oil nd tea tree oil.

    those were the things i always do oh nd yeah i almost forgot-

    chnge ur pillow cases evry two days.

    clean ur phne evry day.

    dnt touch ur face with dirty hands.

    keep ur hair away frm ur face.

    if ur a girl then minimize the use of make ups nd if u do use them then use oil free make ups.

    hope this helped. i told u these things because i knw hw it feels to suffer frm acne. this helped me get rid of acne in about two weeks. trust me products do nth but makes u breakout more. i would like to get the best answer :)

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