How to get rid of Fingernail Spots

Dr. Doug from explains why some individuals get little white spots on their fingernails, and afterwards explains a natural solution to fix …
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6 thoughts on “How to get rid of Fingernail Spots

  1. hi im a 12 year old girl i have ridges verticaly and horizontaly and i have likespots but they r not white i wanted to ask . when time flies will my nails get cured ?like when it grows and grows? thanks :)

  2. Sorry but that is not the case. That’s a conventional explaination that actually is not true. It has nothing to do with Zinc. It’s is either a nail trauma (often caused by hitting it or hurting the nail physically) or if there are many of them and on each nail it could possibly mean that you have some sort of illness like a Cardiac Disease or Leukonychia. But generally it disappears with your nails growing. So it isn’t a matter of vitamin deficieny.


  3. Yes, it def will. But usually when you see spots you really are deficient and taking a zinc supplement either tablet or liquid will bring up the levels the quickest.

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