HOW-TO: 7 Ways To Get Rid of Blemishes (Naturally)

Commercial pimples and blemish removers include harsh chemicals and chemicals that could possibly harm your skin. Taking the right actions to eliminate and treat blemishes will commonly yield a better way of life because worry, eating practices and hygiene are all leading sources of pimples and skin issues. Attempt one or all of this natural techniques and discover which one helps you … Pink Turbie Twist: SONGS: Aisha Duo, “Amanda” VLOG # 2: Pimples and Imperfections (component 1 of 2) youtu. be HOW-TO: Treat A Scar youtu. be “I’m not using any type of makeup. My hair is a mess. The very early morning sunlight streams through the kitchen window and he searches for over his coffee to state, “Hey, gorgeous.” I will never ever comprehend this. How love could look past the immediate and see in one glance not just what’s right prior to its’ eyes …” (now that’s love!) Thanks, Holley Go to my Facebook for even more images and ideas! “justmistyblu” Please Support and sign up for creativebydesign76 Are you on Instagram? So I am! @ Justmistyblu
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22 thoughts on “HOW-TO: 7 Ways To Get Rid of Blemishes (Naturally)

  1. I love the video and the music I felt like I was at a five star resturant listening to the music while waiting for my steak dinner. lol THANK YOU.

  2. om goodness this helped so much which one would you think would be most helpful with very acne prone skin thanks i love your vidios like if u agree

  3. Hey girl, thank you so much for all your advices and the video is soo cool! You have an amazing skin!!! How long did it take to have this incredible natural beautiful result?? Thanks! Letty

  4. Hi @88princessrose! You only need to choose one, you may use one in the morning and one before bed if you like.

  5. gal you put alot ov stuff on yr face im 2 lazy lol but love yr video gona try it out 1 day i herd tamatoes r good 4 blemishes dark skin also

  6. thank you so so much i suffer with severe acni and in result blemishes n i tried ur baking soda treatment around a month ago and repeated it twice a week till now n my skin has never been so clear !! i also tried ur banana mask n advise on eggwhites n fruit n my dermatologist has never seen such progress in such little time u saved my social life thank u !!

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