How go get rid of bumps on forehead?

Question by Evangelina: How go get rid of bumps on forehead?
I have bumps on my forehead and they are skin colored but when I wash my face they turn red. They won’t go away and I’ve tried toothpaste and different types of washes and they stay. Other then those i have pretty good skin. Help? Btw I did research and they might be something called milia?

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Answer by Megan
Ohh okay, i think I have that as well! Make sure your exfoliating properly, i sort of got rid of it with this natural face mask (mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and one teaspoon of milk and scrub into skin for 1-2 minutes, leave it on for 15-20minutes until it dries and hardens then wash off) otherwise go and see a dermatologist about it, they may be able to help! Apparantly if you break out on your forehead its due to de-hydration, around your nose its sickness, and around your mouth and chin its due to hormones. Hope I helped! Good luck How go get rid of bumps on forehead?

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