How do I get rid of spots using natural things?

Question by Lily: How do I get rid of spots using natural things?
Please guys – I need to know how I get rid of spots… FAST!!!
I want to use simple ingredients that are natural that don’t dry out my skin!!!
Please please please help me… I’ve got an important date in like a week and my spots are so ugly…
Any help would be much appreciated…♥

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Answer by amarantine13
Lemon juice and toothpaste are two that I can think of. Try drinking more milk especially Vitamin D milk it’s good for your skin as is Green tea.

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5 thoughts on “How do I get rid of spots using natural things?

  1. 1) Apply lemon juice and honey.Belive me,u’ll shine 4 ure date!
    2) Make a paste of lemon juice+tumeric powder(haldi)+honey.Works like a charm.
    Lemon juice will also help u get rid of backheads,if u have any.You must use only one of these remedies.Drink lots of water!.And apply BETNOVATE -N Cream.You can get it from any pharmacy.Apply it at night on the spots.Believe me,ure face will be spotless in a few days.seriously! But if u dun wanna use the cream u can use one of the remedies i told u bout.Hope this helps!
    Good Luck!!!And enjoy ure date!!

  2. I agree above.. lemons and even baking soda I hear can smooth/fade out dark spots from skin. Just mix the baking soda with water until it turns into paste and gently scrub the dark areas (underarms, knees, elbows, dark spots).. I don’t know how long the results are, but if you do it consistently (twice a day everyday) you may see results it in 2-3 weeks.

  3. All the answers above give great advice but I would start with a chamomile face steam. Fill up a bowl or a sink with hot water and put a few chamomile tea bags in. Grab a seat and throw a towel over your head and let it touch around the sink edges so that your face can absorb the steam. Depending on how bad your skin is, rest there for five to ten minutes. Exfoliate and follow with any of the remedies above (I like a baking soda paste myself or cream Neosporin, which I know is not natural but it is cheap and does WONDERS!).

  4. Try pure emu oil. Your skin soaks it up immediately and it heals many skin conditions super fast. Look up emu oil online. I have really sensitive skin and don’t like using chemicals. Have used emu oil for about 2 mos now as a moisturizer and I’m floored by the outcome.

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