How do I get rid of a milia seed on my eyelid?

Question by Ganja Babe: How do I get rid of a milia seed on my eyelid?
Last night a milia seed developed on my eyelid, and another one near the outer corner of my eye. I’m more concerned with the one on my eyelid since it’s more visible. I think they are a result of putting grapeseed oil on my eyelids/undereyes, which I have been doing for months with no problems. How do I get rid of these?

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They are clogged pores and the white bump is compacted skin cells under the skin. If they do not clear on their own, they can be removed. Usually they are removed by making a small nick over them and pressing them out using a comedone extractor. A paperclip has a similar shape and can be used as well. The eyelid is a difficult area since pressing on it is hard. It may be something better left to the aestheticians or dermatologists.

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