how can i get rid of whiteheads under my eye FAST??

Question by Kaz W: how can i get rid of whiteheads under my eye FAST??
i think they are called milia?
i used 2 hav 3 (1 under 1 eye, 2 under da other)
the single one has gone away on its own but the other two r still there!!
i hav skool fotos TOMORROW and i need a NATURAL remedy that will DEFINITELY work overnight

i no i shudve thort of dis earlier but i havnt known bout da photos 4 a long time!
please help!!!

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Answer by oneclassy_broad
wash your face with regular bar soap and then put toothpaste on it the WHITE KIND none of that blue gel shiit

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4 thoughts on “how can i get rid of whiteheads under my eye FAST??

  1. do not put toothpase in or around your eye area or not only will you have whiteheads tomorrow you will also have red puff skin! they skin around the eye is very sensitive. the mint in the toothpaste may actually irritate your eye causing you more problems.
    nothing will work overnight. and don’t fiddle around with them or the skin will swell.
    you can try to beat the white of a raw egg and apply it to the area with a brush or q-tip being really careful not to let it dry too much. your best bet is to wear makeup tomorrow. use a light foundatin.

  2. I dunno, but my mom is cruel and evil, but it worked for me, first off, you’re gonna need a parent or friend with a crazy steady hand, then you need a super sterile needle, and basically you just poke until you can rip it right off, and the next day it should kinda have a really small scab if done correctly, and cover-up will do the trick. I know, not smart, and not safe, but if you’re desperate… it works.

  3. Use zenmed’s three step system for removing your whiteheads. I have used it before and found the results to be awesome. All their products are natural and doctor formulated.

    If you wish you could also use my discount code ‘zen4less’ to purchase from them. The code is still valid.

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