How can i get rid of milia? (kinda long but please help!)?

Question by Isabella: How can i get rid of milia? (kinda long but please help!)?
Okay, so I have had milia ever since I can remember. I believe I was born with them. Anyways they are really annoying and unattractive and I was thinking of getting them removed by a dermatologist in the summer. But the thing with that is that I heard you have to have no contact with the sun for like a week and I’m honestly rly active and outdoorsy kind of. I LOVE basketball and football and going hiking and surfing/boogey boarding so being inside for a whole week… Idk. I’ll be able to hone my skills even more at COD Black ops but I was wondering if I didn’t have to spend so much money on a dermatologist and just do some home remedies to make them go away. I rly want them gone so no one even knew they were there. PLEASE HELP and thank you for taking ur time reading this :)!

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I have milia and you just can’t get rid of the damn things at home. You do have to stay out of the sun for a few days but it’s worth it. Mine always come back after a while though then I have to get them done again. I get mine done at a beauty salon though.

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