Homemade Natural Facewash TUTORIAL

Homemade Natural Facewash TUTORIAL
This wash will destroy unwanted bacteria on your face, cleanse your pores, & get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your face super smooth & clean!! Homemade Natural Facewash TUTORIAL Materials: `Standard Aspirin (the white, non-coated ones) `Honey (I try to find it with little to no additives) Procedure: `3 Aspirin on a plate. `Sprinkle water to soften aspirin. `Crush with spoon (or any other tool), leaving little to no chunks. `Add about a teaspoon of honey & stir until milky white mixture is formed. `Apply to face in circular motions, all over, with fingertips. `Leave for about 10-15 minutes. `*IMPORTANT* Rub face in vertical/horizontal motions to really soften & cleanse for about 15-30 seconds. (may be slightly uncomfortable at first-but worth it!) `Rinse will cool water & dry with a clean cloth. Done! Enjoy & let me know how it turns out Homemade Natural Facewash TUTORIAL Here’s the link to the beautybelles collab! www.youtube.com See more at my new blog!: jennaxrae17.blogspot.com *DISCLAIMER* Any products or materials used or seen in this video were purchased by me for personal use and are not used or suggested for advertisements or endorsements.

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