DERMA WAND! LAZER zaps my skin to perfection! Amazing Cosmetic Tool. (Also known as the Oxy Light)

Have you ever desired to get rid of your pimples/skin flaws but no matter what; no creme has helped you? Invest your money in the Derma Stick With once a week use the Derma Wand can Lessen Wrinkles Provide a mini face lift Lessen Cellulite Eliminate dark under eye circles and puffiness Diminish big pores Do away with white heads and blackheads Even complexion promote skin elasticity \* you can additionally use this on your breasts to firm the skin as well
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17 thoughts on “DERMA WAND! LAZER zaps my skin to perfection! Amazing Cosmetic Tool. (Also known as the Oxy Light)

  1. I am a guy and i been using this derma wand for more than 2 years. i try to use it everyday. ITS amazing device. I am looking to buy few more units but since im from asean, its difficult to buy from the USA>….

  2. You have to use it consistently for at least 9 – 16 days to really start to notice the difference. After that, you can maintain your look using Derma wand only 1-2 times a week.

  3. I was reading on another site about reviews on Derma Wand and all 98% of them were soooo bad!!! I was going to buy it to give it a try, but now…..not so sure anymore..

  4. @qosmtvo yes may be you’re frustrated bcoz everythin youve tried did not work to escape from wrinkles. Listen to this one of my skin care pro friend suggested me a perfect method to reduce wrinkles fast. i know you will get permanent escape from wrinkles after wathcing this video =>

  5. Do you think it would be okay for me to use coconut oil and then use the device. I only use coconut oil on my face. THANKS!

  6. Is it the wand itself that has chemicals or the beauty products that come with it? It would be strange for the wand itself to put out chemicals.

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