1. If I was honest, as a non native speaker, I had problems to understand some parts. Too many words had been swollowed but I was so interested to hear your options and advices about correctors. :-(

  2. This is great, thanks so much. I’m fair-skinned but prone to rosacea. I usually use the lightest colours under my eyes, but I’ll be sure to stay away from the alabaster look.

  3. hiii Goss can you please do a tutorial on dark skin women please, will really appreciate it. thank you :)

  4. Got the same problem as I have no pigment under my eyes. I don’t tan much but I’m afraid to tan anyway because I get reversed panda eyes, even with self tanning cream. Let me know if you find a solution.
    Greetings from Belgium.

  5. HELP1 and also what brand name make ups to u recommend for everything…eyes, foundation , blush, lips, masc…etc….I seriously need to invest in some good make up and brushes eTc….thx Sunni

  6. can u pls do a demonstration on a black women with dark circles under the eyes…it wld be helpful to see step by step….thx Sunni

  7. thank you for this very informative tutorial.
    all makeupartist talk about DARK undereye circles. i have WHITE/VERY LIGHT undereye circles.
    not a pretty sight. …:-(
    how does one correct WHITE undereye circles?
    hope you will consider to address this question.
    greetings from switzerland, BB

  8. This is the tutorial that saved me!!! I love my MAC studio finish corrector now I will never use anything else!!! THANK YOU

  9. i have the same problem as well. i use bobbi brown corrector and concealer but i hate that it makes my under eyes fine lines too obvious and it’s too much product. it is the only brand that covers my dark circles and dont turn them to grey color. i would also love to know any other suggestion and help.

  10. I just turned 41 and FINALLY got sick & tired of my VERY BLACK eye circles. I went to a plastic surgeon only to find out that there is NOTHING that can be done for me. The problem is my damn brow bone!! It sticks out too far and “creates” a shadow exactly where I have my under eye “black circles.” Do you have anyone that you know who has this same problem? If so, what do they do for coverage? I use concealer & corrector! Thank You…Donna Gentile

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