Clarisonic Aria Skin Cleansing Device

Clarisonic Aria Skin Cleansing Device

Clarisonic introduces Aria, their latest skincare brush with new features and a sleek new design. Shop Clarisonic Aria™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System at Sephor…
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27 thoughts on “Clarisonic Aria Skin Cleansing Device

  1. Also, this deeply cleanses the skin getting out all that nasty dirt and grim and your hands simply can not do the same as effectively as this, the crap you thought you makeup remover got off that’s still there you will see on the brush!

  2. The clarisonic was the best investment in my skin I’ve ever made I use it 2 times a day I have oily Acne prone skin that now is smooth and soft like a babies bottom! I don’t break out as much or as bad as I use to and all the skin care I use is from brand sephora sales this is amazing I think everyone should have a clarisonic for better skin. Coming from a esthetician I recommend this 100%

  3. yup, juuuust bought a mia and the only thing that i don’t like is that i can’t tell when my battery runs out……

  4. As of right now there is only white. Although it’s not like the other Clarisonics where the finish is matte, the Aria has a glossy finish to it.

  5. I am sorry for late reply and you probably won’t read it, maybe … idk. Well anyways! hehe^^ ACV long story and silly one ^__^ I bought apple cider vinager and lost it and couldn’t find it until last week so I have been using it for a week and it sort of calm my pimples, it dries them and kills the bacteria. So …. that’s it! ♥

  6. I use dr. bronner’s peppermint castile soap for my face in the morning, and at night I wipe off my make up and apply some apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball and rub in some jojoba oil and go to sleep. Simple, natural, and works AMAZINGLY for me. :)

  7. Have you tried retin-a? I suffer from adult cystic acne, and retin-a keeps my skin clear and smooth. Also, it made my deep acne scars (the pits marks from cystic acne) disappear.

  8. i use the castor oil/olive oil combo. have tried it for a month now, i use it only at night though. pros – i dont buy night moisturizer anymore and it did lessen my skin impurities. cons – it takes waaay longer to do and is messier!

  9. I finally have all the items together to do this :D I started today. Wow I thought my skin would feel really oily after but it feels nice and supple already! I took before pictures, excited about the after.

  10. I use the oil cleansing method and have my 2 daughters (11 and 13 yrs) do the same. Their mix is 50% castor oil, 25% jojoba oil, and 25% grapeseed oil with about 15 drops of organic lavender oil (gentle and anti-bacterial). My blend is 25% castor and 75% either jojoba, coconut, or a blend of the two. We’re all loving this method.

  11. Believe it or not, castor oil can be WAY over-drying on its own. Aprox ratios are 50% castor/50% other oil for normal, 75% castor/25% other oil for oily/acne, and 25% castor/75% other oil for very dry skin. This is just a starting point. Find the quantities and mix-in oil that works for you.

  12. I’ve been using a combination of castor oil and olive oil for about a year and its working great!!! I’ve recently added vitamin E and have added using coconut oil (only) in the mornings.

  13. no! there are many different oils that work for this method, and the castor oil can be used on its own!

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