Chlorophyl – Internal detox for skin cleansing

internal cleanse to clear skin
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Chlorophyl   Internal detox for skin cleansing

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7 thoughts on “Chlorophyl – Internal detox for skin cleansing

  1. this is common & good thing after cleansing. most people dont like to become MORE sensitive BUT it does show how bad processed foods and chemically produced products are for us. listening to our bodies after giving them a chance to function properly can only be benefit. when our bodies freak out its warning us we should not be consuming whatever it is that causing the problem.
    i have seen my body do this many times and under many circumstances. good luck and keep your body healthy!

  2. i’ve used Chlorophyll for 1 i’ve hair loss( unbelievable ) because of it.
    i read that this happens for men only because it has vitamin A which causes increase testosterone.


  3. Hard to say wellmst. I generally work with liquid chlorophyll which is drunk in water. This makes a difference because the water also flushes out your system. Generally though, give it about 10 days at a minimum.

  4. I just started taking the capsules a couple of days ago. What are side effects of taking this? How long before results are seen or felt?

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