Best Acne Treatment Tips…A Major Overlooked Cause Of Acne Dr. James Martin reveals his step by step FREE VIDEO guide to restoring his clear skin after discovering the underlying …

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17 thoughts on “Best Acne Treatment Tips…A Major Overlooked Cause Of Acne

  1. i have lots of acne in my face niw is it true that lemon can help decrease ur acne??and putting toothpaste in ur zits?…doe sit really worked cuz i tried the lemon thingy and i can see the results and after that i have blemishes all over my skin idk…maybe bcuz of the lemon!!who knows

  2. i only have major problems in the winter. During the summer when I wear tank tops and ect. my back gets to “breathe” i guess and I have no problems at all. That’s another reason on my list of why i hate winter.

  3. What kind of food should I eat to help my liver, I know leafy greens and fruit but do you know of anything else?

  4. Yeah I’m wondering myself. Do we rush out and get all those diff types of vitamins he mentioned or what? I take Multivitamins but i guess its not enough. Acne is kicking my ass lately :(

  5. I think its the medical – maffia fault, they dont want to give us the main reason of acne problem because they want to sell their freaking acne-creams that only make the skin worse …..

  6. how or why does cyst acne form cause my dad is begining to get this form of acne again and how could he get it cured best? thanks

  7. I saw this too late. Already poisoned my body w/ Accutane. Now I have Secondary Intracranial Hypertension or Psuedo Tumor Cerebri. Thanks for sharing this video. Great info.

  8. omg, thx doc. As an adult, I still have a few, but my daughter is a straight up horrible. I will take ur video serious… muah:)

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