Any good products that can clean your zits?

Question by Tammy: Any good products that can clean your zits?
I’m 12 and I’m beggining to get zits around my face. I have few around my eyes and and cheeks. I’ve tried a few products and they only make my skin oily and gets me more zits. Does anybody recommend some products that can clean your pours and stuff? If so, thanks!

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Answer by eyeliner=luv
use zapazit or clean and clear…….hope i helped!! <3

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2 thoughts on “Any good products that can clean your zits?

  1. Well you could use clean and clear face wash it a blue green bottle or you could wash your face twice a day with really cold water that works for me

  2. You’re young and so it’s just normal, basic adolescence. ‘
    There are several methods to get rid of zits:

    1. Let it go away naturally. Zits, on their own, go away in about 10-12 days.
    2. Use some Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. It dries out your skin majorly (you have to moisturize a lot!) but it gets out the goo.
    3. ProActive — mostly for big time cases of acne, but it still works.
    4. I LOVE the Clinique 3-Step kit (Oil-free) – it keeps my skin fresh and zit-free! It may help speed up the natural process.
    5. If your zit has a whitehead, get an adult to stylize a needle and pop it. It’ll hurt, but the zits will go away.

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