Acne Scars Treatment At Home

Acne Scars Treatment At HomeAcne Scars Treatment At Home

Acne treatments are plenty in the market. Therefore, acne affected people already know how to get rid of acne. However, many still do not know how to take care of acne prone skin after an acne scars treatment. If this is not realized, chances are that you will once again succumb to the skin disease. Most defaulters in this regard fail to take care after heavy cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion or chemical peeling. The basic of keeping acne clear skin, one must know how to handle the skin during and after the acne treatment. For example, if one has gone through a chemical peeling, they should take heed in the following facts of acne scars treatment:

1.       If the skin is properly dressed with Vaseline gauze topped by dry gauze, there is no pain and no crusting.

2.       After the dressings are removed, redness may be present for six or more weeks. It is absolutely essential that for six weeks the patient totally avoid exposure to the sun by wearing a large-brimmed hat and using sun block.

3.       If the face is exposed to early, spotty pigmentation may appear and acne scars treatment may be required. In general, treated skin is lighter than it was before surgery.

4.       If for some reason the skin has brown pigmentation, a local medication can be used. Sometimes there is a formation of milia (white papules caused by the retention of sebum). This can largely be prevented by cleansing the face with fine soap granules.

These are clean fundamentals which every concerned acne affected person should imbibe. The problem is simple – after an acne treatment such as chemical peeling or dermabrasion, the person feels that now he has undergone the treatment, he will not have any acne or pimple breakouts. However, this is a popular misconception and often leaves a false impression of acne clear skin. The simple fact and in fact solution to the difficult problem is that one should always take care of skin and acne scars treatment both before and after the surgery as this will ensure that one faces the least amount of problems.

Conclusively, though there are lots of treatments and solutions to the major acne problem, there are limited for treating acne scars and blemishes. Therefore, one has no option but to take care of skin every time. Hope this article has been successful in establishing various unknown facts about all the issues surrounding acne and acne scar treatment.

Prateek Modi is an enthusiastic blogger who experienced lot of acne problems and managed to overcome many of them through home remedies and practical solutions. He likes to share his experiences with others. For more on Acne and skin care visit – To learn new and exciting ways on how to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time, visit

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