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Alana asks…

what are theres white lines under the skin of my bottom lip that produce raised formations/?

Over ten years ago i kissed a girl that bit and sucked on my bottom lip. Days later a bump formed on my bottom lip which wasn’t a sore. And it never healed. A few years go by and i noticed a white line forming under the skin of my lower lip which i could see once i stretched the skin. More time goes by, women go by it gets worse. Mores lines appear under the skin and became raised to look like bumps. The lie that i seen when the skin was stretched looks like a scar but not really which makes my lip quite obvious that somethings wrong. Lip looks bumpy. What is wrong? Can someone please help me. This problem is messing up my image and scaring people away!

admin answers:

I’m not sure as to what that could even be.. But I have a few guesses:

1. Maybe you had an allergic reaction to whatever lip product the first girl was wearing and it just never went away.

2. Maybe some kind of infection…like an std but it could be something less serious…but yeah, if it’s spreading…

Either way, you should really just get checked out by a doctor.

Shelley asks…

White bumps(NOT PIMPLES) under my nose???

i have these white bumps right under my nose.not near my lips &u cant really see them unless i press my lips 2gether and like my skin streches and idk how 2 explain it. but does anyone no what they are and how 2 get rid of them???theyve been ther for over a year.
also i have a red dot on my cheek which has also been ther for probably half a year. its NOT a pimple but its just weird&its flat.
other than that i have flawless skin. i want 2 have 100% perfect skin.
so pleasee helpp!! i will love u guys forever!!!
haha. i dont even no u but XOXO
thank you soo muchh!!

admin answers:

Well one:
the whiteish one IS a pimple.
Its the kind thats under your skin, so it appears as a white, or flesh colored bump.
Another thing is, that red dot was either a pimple was there before & its still healing the red part of it, or its a blood vessel.
The only way to get rid of the white bump is to put acne products on it, & the red dot, theres a product, idk what its called but it clears acne scars & helps tone down imperfrections on the face. Or if its a blood vessel, drink lots of water & avoid stress as much as possible
good luck

Helena asks…

Bump under tounge and white spot on lip?

I have a bump under my tounge and it’s kinda clear, and it doesn’t hurt, it’s just there and feels weird. Is it a trapped saliva gland??I just got it.
Also I have this white spot inside my mouth it’s like under the skin of the end of my mouth. I’m scared I have herpes or something..?
I did make out with a guy three days ago. and oral sex…. first time. & I’m very guilty.
should I get checked for any stds? if yes, then how? I cant tell my parents…
I’m honestly very scared :/

admin answers:

It would take 2-3 weeks for symptoms of herpes to show up normally. There is a slim chance anyways of contracting it through giving oral sex, unless he actually has genital herpes and was currently in the middle of an outbreak. It is possible that you have a cold sore, which is a type of herpes that can develop as a child, but does not stem from sexual contact, so in your case, it would be a coincidence. Without actually seeing the area, it’s hard to tell. You could also have a patch of Thrush which is a yeast infection in the mouth.

You may want to get it checked, but since these things can occur in people that have never had sexual contact, you don’t need to give details. Just that you have a problem.

If you are feeling guilty about things, keep in mind…every one of us does things that we regret. It’s all part of growing up. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just learn from it. Mistakes are a way of learning what our boundaries are.

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