Questions And Answers On White Bumps On Lips Under Skin

John asks…

Can anyone seriously tell me what these little bumps around my vagina are?

Hi I very worried. I have a boyfriend of three years and i don’t want him to think i have an STD from somebody else or anything. Over the last few months i’ve noticed these large clusters of tiny bumps under my skin, they are on the inside of the lips and around my clitoris and around the outside of my vagina. on the inside of the lips there hard tiny round lumps, when i stretch the skin they look white. THey cant be warts i dont think. could they be cysts. has anyone heard of this before?

admin answers:

They could well be genital warts. They can lie dormant for years before showing themselves.

I had a similar issue with my boyfriend. About a year after we got together he found he had genital warts. He has no idea where he got them from as he has never cheated on me (so he says…only joking! We’re together pretty much 24/7 so don’t know when he’d get the chance!) and he had only had one other sexual partner before me so it still remains a mystery where they came from. I got myself checked out and the doctor gave me the all clear and told me that it was common for HPV (genital warts) to show up months/years later.

Self examination of the vagina/vulva is just as important as examining the breasts for lumps, if you do notice any changes then go straight to your doctors. My mum had an illness called padgett’s extra mammary on her vulva. At first doctors thought it was thrush and just gave her canestan. She ended up having to have a vulvaectomy. I’m not trying to scare you, you’re lumps are probably perfectly harmless but I think it’s really important that women get to know their vagina’s and do go to the doctor with any changes. This is something all women should be taught but people are too embarrassed to talk about it. Google VACO (vulva awareness campaign organisation) for more info. Hope this helps!

David asks…

Skin trouble please help!![10pts best answer]?

okay i have white heads on my chin below my lip
and black heads on my nose
and under the skin bumps

what are some things i can use to get rid of them fast. Proactiv sucks toes so don’t say that. I use netrogena right now and it;s really not making a difference. Any home remedies??

admin answers:

What You Should Not Do:

Wash with only your hands and soap

Wash with a dirty wash cloth or used loofah

Use anything but facial soap

Constantly switch products

Neglect washing your hair–especially the scalp.

Wash your hair after washing your face [resulting in all the goop from your hair ending up on your face]

What You SHOULD Do:

Use a gentle facial soap that is good for all skin types or made for your skin type specifically. I HIGHLY recommend Cetaphil.

Wash your hands, making sure your nails and finger tips are clean before you wash your face

Use a CLEAN washcloth [things like face loofahs are too harsh, and using your hands just spreads oils around]

Exfoliate bi-weekly–give/take depending on your skin’s current condition. [You can find recipes online for home made sugar, salt or apricot scrubs]

Apply an acne treatment after every wash.

Apply a blackhead treatment after every wash.

Apply a light moisturizing serum after every wash [again, with clean hands].

Jemima asks…

I have strange boil-like bumps on my vagina and butt.?

So…for quite some time now i have been getting these really weird bumps in those areas. they rarely get really big or extremely painful. i think they are boils. but im not sure cuz they never have popped or secreted pus or whatever. they look like little bumps under the skin and almost stretches the skin to make room for it. i havent noticed any white tip to them they are just bumps that are painful and take forever to go away. anyways, a few days ago i got another one on the lip of my vagina. it grew pretty big like the size of a nickel or something. and it hurts pretty bad. i think it could just be the spot but it hurts to walk even cuz it rubs against the other side. i get these quite frequently and i cant afford to go to a doctor. so the question is do they sound like boils? and if so anyone know of any cheap ways to make them go away?
okay i know its not genital warts ppl this is what genital warts looks like…not at all what i described.

also…i get maybe one to two a month and they are all around the same size
also…they never open or become sores

admin answers:

Firstly, just to clear your head a little, if you had genital warts, it is painless but it can be itchy and are grey in colour. As for herpes, if that was the case you would feel a burning sensation and you would be terribly irritated. To me it sounds like either boils or Bartholin cysts. Either way, try soaking it in warm water with salt and if you have access to Tea tree or Lavender Pure essential oil, put 6 drops of either oil into it. This will help the pus draw it’s way out. You have to soak for at about 15 minutes at a time. If this doesn’t work after a few days or if you start to get fevers or abdominal discomforts then you really need to get to a doctor as either one of them may require an antibiotic treatment. I wish you luck and if you want more advice email me.

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