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Mark asks…

So many acne treatments, which actually work?

Ok, i’ve suffered with milia type acne for most of my adult life. I’m currently 26, live in the UK. Acne for years has been the bane of my life. I have numerous scaring, pigmentation from acne on my body, and face.
I’ve had numerous antibiotic’s, creams from my doctor in the past. But these did very little too improve my condition. Too be fair i feel my doctor’s a real waste of time. It’s always a different doctor i end up seeing, they are generally unsympathetic/dismissive of my condition. I even had one of them laugh at me when i asked, about any type of treatments for my scarring. The doctor’s i see are also usually of ethnic background as well, and don;t speak that good english.

I’ve been too a couple of private dermatologist clinic’s in Manchester, England over the last couple of years. However private treatment is pretty expensive, and tend to question their geniality? Whether their basically just profit driven, or their actually recommending the right treatment for my skin?

I basically just want healthier, clear, skin. If anyone can recommend any good home products that i get on the high street in England? Or if anyone’s had any private treatment done? Microdermabrasion’s, Chemical Peels, and a thing called a Pixel Laser i’ve all had recommended too me? Any of these worth spending large amounts of money on?

admin answers:

Your best bet is to use natural products on your skin. Most of the chemicals out there to “fix” acne will have long-term negative consequences; even most sun blocking agents can cause skin cancer later in life…. Go figure. I would find a UK base natural soap maker. If the quality is good, meaning various good oils, you can wash your hair with it and even brush your teeth. Here is a website that can get you started on what to look for at home:
Best of luck

Jane asks…

MILIA – Which of these treatments works best?

1. Naturalis Milia Cream, or….

2. Yonka Phyto Contour cream???

admin answers:

Read these articles before you buy any more products for milia:

The key to getting rid of milia is realizing that they have no escape route, those little bumps are trapped under the skin. So, to get them out, you’ll need to have a professional like a dermatologist or aesthetician extract them. You can extract the milia yourself, but this involves risks.

The problem with buying eye creams is that they often are the cause of the milia.To reduce creating milia around the eyes, use eye creams with the least amount of ingredients possible to avoid irritating the delicately thin eye area. The best of the 2 mentioned would be Yonka Phyto Contour Cream.

I would suggest consulting with a Dermatologist first, there might be a better prescription cream you could get for treatment that really works & you could save your money on the cosmetic-oriented creams. I always hate to spend $40-50 on things that may or may not work. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Don asks…

Best facial treatments for milia?

I’ve seen my dermatologist but, for a $400 office visit, he sprays my face with liquid nitrogen and tells me to come back in 3 months….the treatment NEVER works. He just keeps telling me to wait….wait…..wait……and honestly, it just gets worse each time.

Sooo….I’ve stopped making appointments with him and am starting to try to figure out anything I can do at home to help my skin out…as well as find another derm. doctor.

For milia, has anyone heard of or used any cleaners, creams, facial masks, etc. that has helped or reduced the amount of milia on your face?

For those of you who might not know what milia is…they are tiny whiteheads that NEVER go away!! Or at least it seems that way.

Thanks in advance for any help/info you can provide…

admin answers:

If the treatment NEVER works, why do you keep paying for it. Get a 2nd opinion and don’t pay for any treatment or med till you fully understand it. Always schedule a follow up appointment with the doctor who will keep an eye on the treatment.

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