I breakout when I wash my face?

Question by : I breakout when I wash my face?
Hey, I have a really oily face so I try to use face washes that control oil and stuff like that. But everytime I use a face wash or anything my face just gets worse. However when I don’t wash my face it gets really oily, but clears up. Any ideas of what I could do to not wash my face but get rid of the excess oil? I’m a girl and 15

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Answer by Simone P
You could be using face washes that arent agreeing with your skin and therefore making your face worse. All you can do in this situation is experiment until you find the one which works for you. Sometimes face washes can be funny like that where they will make your face worse and then it clears up perfectly. I use a clinically tested derma face wash at the moment and it made my skin look awful but two weeks on and my skin is fantastic. Try not just using face wash but getting yourself into a routine of toning, cleansing and repairing.

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